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Wetpaint Update - August 2006

Wetpaint’s August update is out, and several new features have been added. Wetpaint launched on June 19, and its growth since then has been very impressive! From the update:

  • Page Templates
    You can now create pre-formatted page templates for your site — simply click the “Save as a Template” button in the EasyEdit toolbar to save the page’s formatting as a reusable template. Or select from the menu of starter templates to create a photo gallery, weekly or monthly calendar, event invitation, and more.
  • Spell Check
    Cut down on spelling errors on your Wetpaint site. Select the Spell Check button on the EasyEdit toolbar. It will highlight any questionable spelling on the page in yellow. Click on a highlighted word to get a list of suggested corrections.
  • Change Who Can Contribute
    Now you can easily change the permissions scheme defining who can contribute to your Wetpaint site. Go to “Settings” in the upper right-hand corner of your site, then click “Who Can Contribute.” Confirm you want to change the setting, and you’ll be given three options:
    1. Everyone can contribute, even anonymously
    2. Anyone can contribute who has a Wetpaint account; or
    3. Only people I invite can contribute.

    Select your desired choice and follow the steps to confirm your new setting. Note: Depending on which permission scheme you choose, users could have more or less access to your site than before. To avoid confusion, we recommend adding a message about the permission change to your home page.

  • Email Your Address Book
    It’s now even easier to tell everyone you’ve ever known about your Wetpaint site. When you click “Invite others” in the Page Toolbox, you’ll be given the option to upload email contacts from Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, or Plaxo accounts.
  • Rename The Home Page
    When you started your Wetpaint site, the first page was automatically titled Home. You can now rename it by accessing the Moderator Toolset menu and selecting “Rename.”
  • Easily Promote Your Site
    We’ve created Wetpaint buttons and images that you can use in your email and forum signatures or on your blog. Check them out by adding ‘promote’ to the end of your Wetpaint site URL. Example:
  • An Improved Moderator Lounge
    Do you have questions about how to make your Wetpaint site more successful? Do you wonder how to drive more traffic to your site? For answers to questions like these, and to connect with others who are building Wetpaint sites, visit the Moderator Lounge.
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