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Pathway: browse Wikipedia and track what you’ve read

/2006/09/30/pathway_browse_wikipedia_and_keep_track_of_what_youve_read/pathway.jpegDennis Lorson, a student in Belguim, has created a tool called Pathway for browsing and keeping track of what you’ve read on Wikipedia. Lorson says he developed the tool after finding he’d go to Wikipedia looking for information on a topic, and soon find himself drawn in by interesting links to other topics (I’ve done this plenty of times!). He says, “Its aim is to help you discover Wikipedia without having to worry whether you’ll have enough time to read everything you want, or if you’ll get lost. It accomplishes this by presenting you with a graphical “network” representation of your visited article pages. A node represents an article, a connection between two nodes means, of course, that you’ve gone from the first article to the second one. You can save the network you’ve created to disk and recover it. This way, you’re able to keep track of everything: what you’ve looked at, how you get there end just how it all fits together. Pathway has a small but useful feature set, is easy to use and tries not to get in the way. Written in Cocoa, it offers the elegance you’d expect from a native Mac application.”

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