How to Organize a Wiki With a Large Amount of Information

Anne Gentle on how to organize a large wiki with a massive amount of content:

…when working on a large wiki if you have good organization ideas, set them up, and then ask for community feedback. Seems like an appropriate approach to a large wiki.

The best way to ingratiate yourself with others already active on a wiki is to engage with them. Don’t make lots of changes by yourself. When you do make a change, propose it beforehand by leaving a comment and asking for input, or explain it after the fact by leaving a comment and asking others to make further changes as they see fit.

…knowing your role within the wiki community is a first step. You might take a while to get to know who’s there, what their roles are as well, and where you might best fit in. Introduce yourself with your profile page, following the MySpace Wikipattern.

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