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12 Steps to Creating a “Collaboration Café” in Your Wiki

container-coffee-shopFrom End User SharePoint, Lee Reed explains how to build a cafe atmosphere to make your organization’s wiki or SharePoint instance a successful, frequently visited hub. Here are a few of his 12 components:

  • Post Announcements - “Make the announcements short and sweet and include pictures in the announcement…Carefully guard what’s presented in the announcements area so that only pertinent information is shown.”
  • Findability - Information that can’t easily be found is of little use to people. “Make the navigation of your Collaboration Café very shallow; allowing the majority of the information the site contains to be easily accessible from the main page of the site.”
  • Showcase Successes - Create a wiki space specifically to showcase case studies of successful use. This gives people tangible, repeatable ideas when they’re new to using the wiki. “Select one showcase a month and highlight the players that made it possible. Interview and make an audio recording of the people involved and find out why they created the solution as they did.”

(Via Get the Point, a blog by the SharePoint group at Microsoft. Illy Push-Button Coffee Shop via Neatorama.)

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  1. Lee Reed

    Thanks for the link.


    Lee Reed

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